All Hands Videos - Cash Prizes!!!

1st Prize - $500

2nd Prize - $250

3rd Prize - $100

Making a video for Sales Connect is an opportunity for you to get together with your fellow Novacoasters and make a short, funny video. This year we will show the top three selected videos during Sales Connect.   Novacoasters will vote on the order of the top 3 entries and and the winners will be rewarded accordingly.  After Sales Connect every video submitted will be posted on Inside and available for viewing for the entire company to see. Videos are due by Monday, July 3, 2023. 

Please keep your vides short and entertaining.  Music videos and commercial spoofs are a good way to go.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to Paul for advice or help on your video.

The Sales Connect Contest is a FUN way to see your co-workers in action.  Get your creative juices flowing and work with your team to create a fun video.  This is an optional activity but it sure makes the meetings fun.  Check out some past videos to get an idea of how it all works.  


Everyone has the option of producing a 3-5 minute video for Sales Connect 2023. It takes a lot of time to put these together, and the meeting is just around the corner. We will help you with editing if you need it.  Videos can include an office, team or any group of Novacoasters!!!


  • Videos are for ANY group of Novacoasters.

  • Keep it simple: editing can take a lot of hours.

  • Topic: Is totally up to you. Humor is expected and recommended.

  • Be sure you can hear the audio portion.

  • Make it appropriate: good hearted ribbing is fine, please keep it clean :-)

  • You have until Monday, July 3rd to submit your completed video.

  • Cash prize will be awarded to the producer of the video.  

Check Out Some Past All Hands Videos